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Image has a significant impact on how people feel about and interact with organizations of all types. Online reputation, word-of-mouth, signage, physical environments, advertisements, and customer experiences all work together to influence perceptions and decisions. Creating the desired image and crafting a compelling story (branding) coupled with the effective telling of your story (marketing) are important elements to success in meeting your promotional goals. Now, more than any time before, this applies to public education and not just the business world.

Many schools are redesigning teaching and learning in innovative ways to meet the needs of today’s learners. With an ever-expanding menu of options for students through school choice, charters, private schools, homeschooling, online programs, and alternative campuses, it is no longer a given that students will attend their neighborhood school. In this competitive environment, it is essential that districts and schools gain support and buy-in from staff, parents, district, and local industry. This support not only generates excitement and access to much-needed resources but also significantly affects recruitment and retention of students as well as the highest quality of educators.

G&D Associates understands the unique challenges faced in education and can lead every step of the way, whatever your needs. Our consultants collaboratively develop internal and external communication tools that have been proven to significantly improve even the highest-performing school’s image. 

Our services include:

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